Many people don’t appreciate the impact that something as seemingly small as blocked gutters can have on their home. When a gutter becomes clogged, it means that water is not being properly diverted away from the property. Instead, water will leak over the edge of the guttering which can lead to a lot of potentially expensive problems. Structural issues, foundation damage, mould and mildew are all common consequences of blocked gutters.

The simplest way to avoid potential issues is to check your gutters on regular bases. Despite guttering typically being towards the top of a property, and therefore tricky to check, there are often visible signs when a gutter becomes blocked.

Common Signs of Blocked Gutters

Below we’ve listed five of the most common signs that your guttering is blocked;

You’ve Noticed Birds or Animals Near or In Your Gutters

Birds and small animals find blocked gutters a nice place to set up home. If your gutters have been blocked for a while, then there is likely to be lots of small insects that act as a food source that will attract unwanted house guests.

Water is Spilling Over the Edge

This is a fairly clear indication that your gutters are blocked. Water simply can’t drain away and so instead escapes over the edge of the guttering. It’s most likely to occur in heavy rainfall. If you’re concerned your guttering might be blocked grab a brolly in the next heavy downpour and see if you have any waterfalls coming from your gutters.

Sagging Guttering

If your gutters visibly sag then, this is a sign they have been blocked for some time. Sagging gutters occur when the weight of the debris has built up to a point where the guttering starts to bend. If this is ignored, then, over time, the guttering may break or pull away from the house.

Stained Brickwork

If you can see any visible staining on your brickwork near the guttering, then this is a sign of water escaping and running down the house. Over time this could cause costly structural damage.

Weeds and Plant Growth

A roof garden can be beautiful but not when it’s sat in your gutters. Plant seeds can blow into your guttering, and the dirt and debris that has built up provide a nice little patch of moist soil to help them grow.

If you are concerned that your guttering is blocked, it’s advisable to get them cleaned by a professional. PureTech has been providing Gutter Cleaning in Nottingham for over 20 years. We use state of the art gutter vacs that quickly and safely remove all built-up debris. For details on the service please either complete a contact form or call us on 07966 255598.