When it comes to cleaning windows, there are lots of myths and old wives tales around. Some of these myths may have once have been true, but as times change they become dated and are no longer accurate. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common window cleaning myths we’ve encountered. If we’ve missed any, or you have a question about window cleaning please get in touch.

Common Window Cleaning Myths

Window Cleaning Myths


1. You Shouldn’t Clean Your Windows in Rainy Weather

Many people believe the rain will make your windows dirty and therefore cleaning them when it’s raining or about to rain is pointless. In most cases, this simply isn’t true. Modern windows are designed to use the rain to remove dirt and debris, so in fact, a good rainstorm should make your windows a little cleaner. However, rain can’t remove all dirt from your windows and when there is a build up of substances such as pollen or bird poo the rain will mix with this and make your window look dirtier.

If windows are cleaned regularly, you prevent a build-up of sticky dirt, and the rain will simply wash down your windows without causing any problems.

2. Cleaning Windows on a Hot Day is a Bad Idea

This may sound like a myth, but this one is actually true. The glass in your windows is an excellent conductor of heat. When the sun shines, your windows heat up, and any water applied when cleaning them quickly evaporates. This can lead to streaks and marks being left behind.

If you’re cleaning windows yourself, then we would recommend you do so on a cloudy day. This is true for cleaning both the inside or outside of your windows. As a professional window cleaning company, we have techniques to work around the issues sunny weather presents. Plus this is the UK; let’s be honest, it’s a not issue we encounter much!

3. Newspaper Is Great for Polishing Windows

This may have been true a few decades ago when newspapers were printed on better quality paper. Today, due to cost-saving initiatives, the paper used is much thinner which makes it pretty useless for cleaning. Additionally, the print from the newspaper is likely to discolour your UPVC frames. Modern materials, such as Microfiber clothes, are a much better alternative.

4. Dirty Windows Don’t Get Noticed

That may be true to a small degree. Providing the dirt and dust on your windows is equally distributed, and you don’t examine them too closely then you may not notice dirty windows. However, when the sun hits the windows, any dirt tends to show up as a haze, and this will only build up over time.

Dirty windows block light from entering; this can have a negative impact on your health and well being and may also increase your energy bills as lights are turned on earlier than needed. Regular cleaning also prolongs the life of UPVC frames which means you need to replace them less frequently.

5. You Only Need Water and Vinegar to Clean Windows

Again, this has some basis in truth. Vinegar is effective at cutting through dirt. However, a water-vinegar mix will tend to move the dirt around rather than remove it. Add a couple of drops of detergent to the mix, and you have a very effective window cleaning solution.

6. It’s Cheaper to Clean My Own Windows

We can’t argue this point; doing any job yourself rather than hiring a professional is always cheaper. However, a good quality window cleaning company will have invested in specialist equipment that allows them to complete the job safely and to a high standard. At PureTech we have long reach poles that mean our feet are planted firmly and safely on terra firma even when cleaning the highest, hardest to reach windows.

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