Whether your business premises is customer-facing or is only ever seen by staff members, it’s always important to have it looking its best.

If you serve customers at your location, then how your premises is presented says a lot about your business. If your clients see a tidy and clean environment that is well-decorated and well-organised, then they will be more inclined to return. Dirt and mess, or simply tried and old décor, can be a big turn-off and see customers heading for the exit.

Similarly, if your staff have a pleasant working environment with good facilities, then they will feel happier in their surroundings. In most cases, a happy staff member is a productive staff member.

In this post, we’ve compiled five simple suggestions for how you can spruce up your business premises;

messy business

Clean and Replace Old Plants

Plants help clean and purify the air and also help contribute to a more calming environment. However, if your plants have seen better days and have dead leaves hanging off or spread around the base, then it’s time to get some new ones. Indoor plants are relatively cheap, and if you purchase wisely, take very little looking after.

If you’ve opted for fake plants, then make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis. Dust and cobwebs can quickly build up, and what was once a nice addition to your office can quickly become an eyesore!

Remove the Clutter

Every business, regardless of size or industry, accumulates stuff they don’t need. Whether it’s old computers or phones, worn office furniture, freebies from trade shows or paperwork, your business premise can soon be full to bursting.

Pop your ruthless hat on and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. Very often, local charities will be happy to take old computers and furniture, and staff members may be happy to use some items at home. Anything else should be thrown away or recycled, leaving you with a clutter-free environment.

Power Wash Exterior Walls

Over time all sorts of dirt can build up on the outside of a building. Water stains, grime, mildew and pollutants, especially if you’re located near a busy road, can give the exterior of your building a dingy, dirty appearance.

A high-pressure power wash can quickly remove all this dirt and grime. Although you can attempt this yourself by hiring the necessary equipment, a cheaper and quicker option would be to call in the professionals.

Clean Your Windows Inside and Out

Ideally, windows and glazing should be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the year. How often window cleaning is required will depend on the location of the building and what it’s used for. Clean windows not only help create a good impression for customers but also ensure your letting in as much natural light as possible.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Over time paintwork becomes scuffed and marked, especially in busy working environments. A fresh paint job gives virtually any space a lift. It is also a cost-effective way of improving your business environment.

Rather than heading straight for magnolia, why not consider using a range of colours which can help boost productivity? Bright colours are good for meeting spaces as they help spark ideas and get people’s imaginations working. Soothing colours such as light greens or blues can be relaxing. Reds are good for the sales office as it helps boost energy levels and excitement.