PureTech Window Cleaning has over 20 years of experience cleaning both domestic and commercial windows along with conservatories, solar panels and pretty much any other glazed surface inside or outside a property.

Many of the homes and businesses we clean have awkward-to-reach areas that require specialist window-cleaning equipment that only a professional would use.

It seems a lack of specialist equipment is not a barrier to some people attempting to clean difficult to reach windows nor is a risk to their own personal safety!

In this post, we’ve compiled some of the most dangerous, crazy and frankly life-threatening attempts to clean windows that we’ve come across.

While we admire the desire to have beautifully clean windows, we definitely recommend you do not try any of these techniques yourself!

Standing On Your Windows = Recipe for Disaster

We’re not sure if this chap is trying to clean the window he’s stood on or the one above. Either way, his approach is definitely not going to catch on!

How not to clean your windows


Don’t Look Down

On the top photo, you wonder, ‘How Bad Could This Be?’

In the second photo, you realise it’s bad………….very, very bad!

Dangerous Window Cleaning


Somebody Missed the Health and Safety Briefing on Ladder Safety

Ladder safety basic rules;

1. Ensure your ladder is placed on a sound and stable surface

2. Do not overreach, as this may make the ladder unstable

3. Ideally, ask someone to hold the bottom of the ladder so there is less chance of movement

Well, we didn’t really think this one needed to be mentioned, but….

4. Don’t place the ladder on a small ledge several floors up on a high-rise building

Scary Window Cleaning


Safety in Numbers

They do say a job shared is a job halved. In this case, a job shared may mean you’ll have to share an ambulance!

Window Cleaning China


Daredevil Window Cleaning is Not a New Phenomena

We’re not sure exactly when this photo was taken, but judging by the quality, it seems a fair few years ago. The property shown looks very nice, with some beautiful details around the windows. In fact, it looks so nice we thought they might be able to afford a ladder for the poor cleaner.

Vintage Dangerous Window Cleaning


Throw in Some Snow for Added Jeopardy

Cleaning your first-floor windows in your dressing gown and in the snow, what could be a better idea? Her next job was apparently polishing the toaster whilst taking a shower!

Window Cleaning on a ledge


If you’ve ever considered cleaning your windows using any of the above methods, we strongly recommend that you don’t.

Instead, give the experts a call and let us take the danger out of your window cleaning.

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