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Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important

Can you remember the last time you had your gutters checked? If not then you should seriously consider adding the task to your To Do list. Gutters are generally one of those areas of a property that is taken for granted. It’s only when something goes wrong that people...

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Common Window Cleaning Myths

When it comes to cleaning windows, there are lots of myths and old wives tales around. Some of these myths may have once have been true, but as times change they become dated and are no longer accurate. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common window cleaning...

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Common Signs of Blocked Gutters

Many people don’t appreciate the impact that something as seemingly small as blocked gutters can have on their home. When a gutter becomes clogged, it means that water is not being properly diverted away from the property. Instead, water will leak over the edge of the...

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How To Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming an ever more common sight in Britain. Most streets will have at least one house with panels placed on the roof. Working at their peak efficiency, solar panels can be a great investment that saves you money and also limits your reliance on...

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How Not To Clean Your Windows

PureTech Window Cleaning has over 20 years of experience cleaning both domestic and commercial windows along with conservatories, solar panels and pretty much any other glazed surface inside or outside a property. Many of the homes and businesses we clean have...

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Although it may not yet feel like spring, the calendar reassures that it is in fact late March and we now don’t have too many days left until the glorious British summer. At this time of year as the days lengthen, the clocks change, and daffodils do their best to poke...

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