Maintaining and cleaning your guttering may be one of those boring jobs you try and avoid, but it really is vital. If your guttering is blocked and water is not flowing correctly, then it can damage your property in several ways. Typically, damage caused by water is expensive and time-consuming to fix. Below we highlight some of the biggest issues caused by blocked gutters.

Property Damage Caused by Blocked Gutters

Damage to Foundations

Surprisingly, foundation damage is one of the more common issues resulting from blocked gutters. Even though your gutters and foundations are about as far from one another as is possible, it’s very easy to see how problems can quickly occur.
The function of guttering is to channel water away from your property and into the sewers. When it rains, water flows down your roof, into the gutters where it is channelled into the downpipes. If your gutters become blocked, this simple process does not occur. The water in your gutters, if it can’t reach the downpipe, will find another exit point. Typically over the top edge of the gutter. The escaped water then runs down your walls and pools on the ground. Over a period of time, it will sink into the properties foundations.

Depending on the length of time the guttering is blocked for, the water can cause cracks, rotting of wood and in serious cases structural problems.

Window Frames, Soffits and Fascias

Any items on the outside of a property are designed to be water-resistant. Under normal conditions, your windows, doors, soffits and fascias will withstand even the soggiest of British winters. However, if your guttering is overflowing due to blockages, then the items we’ve mentioned could be getting a regular soaking far and above what rain alone can cause. Over time the wood will start to rot and once this happens you may also see water entering the property.

Roof Damage

Your roof is the closest point to a blocked gutter and can, therefore, suffer the worst damage. Water will quickly find any weak point in the roof structure, potentially causing wood to rot and tile damage. This is also another way the overflowing water can enter your property. A telltale sign of water from blocked gutters entering a property are brown marks and mould appearing on ceilings or exterior walls.

Damage to Gardens

If rainwater is not being properly channelled away from the property, then the excess can easily spill into gardens causing waterlogging. Gardens are very good at dealing with excess water, but if the issue persists, you could find yourself with dead grass and plants in the affected area.

Avoiding Blocked Gutters

To avoid all of the issues we’ve discussed the solution is to keep your gutters clean and free from debris. This is a job you can complete yourself, providing you have a set of ladders and the right safety equipment. Alternatively, for a relatively modest price, you can have your gutters cleaned professionally. At PureTech, we’ve invested in specialist gutter cleaning equipment that will quickly and safely clean your gutters. Our long reach gutters vacs suck up all the debris that can lead to a costly blockage.