Autumn is well and truly here. The wind is blowing, the temperatures are dropping, and you’ve dug out the winter duvet from the back of the cupboard.

At this time of year, it’s a good idea to complete a number of cleaning jobs in preparation for the winter ahead. We’re not talking a deep clean such as you might do in Spring but more specific jobs to make the cold months that little bit more bearable.

The Autumn Cleaning Checklist

9 Top Autumn Cleaning Tips

Now is the ideal time to test your smoke alarms and change the batteries. You can also give the alarm casing a quick vac or run over with a feather duster. Smoke alarm batteries should be changed annually so add this little task to your Autumn cleaning routine.

If you’ve been using fans or air conditioning units during the Summer, it’s probably now safe to put them back into winter storage. For fans, dust over the outer casing and, if you can, wipe the blades down with a damp cloth. This will remove the dirt and dust that has built up over the summer months. If you’ve been using an air con unit then make sure you clear out the filters and empty any water tanks.

Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe down all your bulbs and fittings. It’s amazing the amount of dust and dirt that can build up here. A quick wipe will ensure your bulbs are shining as brightly as possible.

It’s around late summer and early autumn that spiders tend to set up home in nice warm houses and you’ll no doubt find the odd one hiding in a corner somewhere. Grab the feather duster and clean all those hard to reach areas. If you do find a spider, carefully place it outside without harming it.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll soon be turning the heating back on. To ensure efficient heating, clean you radiators with a specialist radiator brush. These are perfect for getting into hard to reach areas and will remove the year’s dust and dirt build up.

Winter weight duvets and blankets will soon be required. It’s a good idea to head to the nearest dry cleaners to clean and freshen everything up.

Outdoor Autumn Cleaning Jobs

Heading outdoors now. If you have a BBQ give it a good clean and either cover it using a BBQ cover or store it away in your garage or shed. You garden furniture should also be put away and covered if possible to protect it from the harsh winter weather.

It’s also the perfect time to get your windows cleaned. As the days become shorter and darker, you want to ensure you’re letting in as much natural light as possible. Clean windows make a huge difference, and it’s costs relatively little to have them all done professionally.

Many window cleaners also offer a gutter cleaning service. The British winter is generally not short of a bit of rain. It’s therefore worthwhile having your gutters cleared or debris and checked for leaks or cracks.

If you have any of your own tips for Autumn cleaning that we’ve not covered, please send your ideas through on our contact form.