You’ve just had the outside of your windows professionally cleaned and feeling inspired, you dig out your window spray and grab the kitchen roll. After lots of wiping, rubbing and elbow grease, you stand back to admire your beautifully clean windows……….only……..hold on………there’s a streak, and there’s another and another! If this sounds familiar, then help is at hand with our top window cleaning hacks.

Start with a Microfiber Cloth

Window Cleaning Hacks

Microfiber cloths are great for many jobs around the home, and what’s more, they are washable, so they can be reused again and again, making them environmentally friendly.

Paper towels and standard cleaning cloths tend to create window smears as they move the dirt around. A Microfiber cloth traps dirt and dust, leaving your windows free of residue and, therefore, a smear-free zone.

Whiteboard Erasers Make Excellent Window Cleaners

If, after using your microfiber cloth, the odd steak or smear is still visible, then a whiteboard eraser is a great way of eliminating the final stubborn marks. They are available from most good office supplies companies and cost very little to buy.

If you see a streak, rub the eraser in a circular motion to quickly remove it.

DIY Glass Cleaner

As most people will have found, shop-bought glass cleaners often leave streaks, and no matter how much you rub, you’re nearly always left with smudges and marks.

Making your own glass cleaner is simple, low cost and the results are more effective. Mix two parts of water with one part of white vinegar. The result can be a bit stinky, so it’s nice to add a few drops of essential oil into the mix as well to mask the smell of vinegar.

Pop your solution into a spray bottle and then use it as you would a shop-bought cleaner.

Use Compressed Air to Clear Nooks and Crannies!

Windows, especially modern UPVC, seems to have hard-to-reach areas that, no matter how much you try, never come clean. For these areas, we can utilise another item typically found in an office. Often called spray dusters, these cans of compressed air can be directed into the window’s nooks and crannies. The high-powered jet of air easily clears any debris and dirt that has built up, leaving your windows looking cleaner very quickly.

Reach for the Kitchen Tongs

Window Cleaning Tips

Our final window cleaning hack will help you quickly and easily clean your Venetian blinds. Firstly, grab a pair of kitchen tongs from the utensils drawer. Next, cut a duster in half and wrap it around each side of the tongs. Secure the duster halves in place with a strong elastic band. Finally, place the tongs on either side of one of the blind slats and gently pull the tongs along the length of the slat. This will remove all the dust and dirt that’s built up on your blinds, leaving them clean and as good as new.